There are many reasons why I miss living in Washington, DC.  When I stumbled upon Jabberu, I was extra-sorry that I moved.  What is it?  It’s a company that owns and operates play-based language learning centers throughout the greater DC area.  They have programs in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic for kids 6 months to 10 years – where kids are immersed in the language (and, perhaps more importantly, get to interact with other bilingual kids – which is a rarity in this country).  What a terrific concept!  Especially since experts agree that language skills are best learned and internalized before the age of 2.  They also stock an online store, have free at-home learning tools, and stage parties (where kids go on an imaginary trip to Paris, Latin America, or China).  How cool is that?

Maybe they’ll offer Indian languages soon.  Or expand beyond DC.  Until then, I’ll just sit here and sigh (not that my kids need to learn a 4th language, but still)…



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