My poor daughter has been very neglected in the room-design department.  She inherited a yellow nursery from her brother, so I want her big-girl room to be extra-fabulous.  I’m liking these duvets:  Blissliving’s Harajuku (toned-down girly-glam) and Sanford Burrows’ Field Day (whimsical and intriguing).

I’m thinking I’ll kid-ify the room with a luscious wall color, a few playful pillows, and some mirror-embroidered drapes.  A satisfying mix of clean lines with just a hint of Indian antiquity?  We shall see.



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One Response to “Mod with a mix of here and abroad”

  1. biżuteria Says:

    Ahhh, i am so sorry. Now i get it. The first picture is you, Martha, together with Riley on your arms. And the other pictures are McGonnigle. I thought the first picture is McGonnigle, too.