French twist
Author: Gnaana

I love French labels for kids like Jacadi and Marese for their exquisite tailoring and whimsical details.  Which is why it was love-at-first-sight when I came across Antik Batik.  Created by globetrotter Gabrielle Cortese, the line is a blissful marriage of handmade multi-cultural design techniques such as Batik printing and Bandhani art with decidedly French craftsmanship.  I love the Boxton Dress, made of cotton and silk and embellished with embroidery, beads and sequins.  Though big in Europe, the label is a well-kept secret here in the US, but sites like Milkshop and 25 Park offer a decent selection.  Antik Batik also has designs for women. Don’t even get me started…



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