I don’t know about you, but the hour between the end of the work day and dinnertime – 5-ish to 6-ish – seems really long lately, especially with the recent change from Daylight Savings Time.  We used to head off to a playground so the kids could release their energy.  But since that’s not an option now, we’ve turned to the ancient Indian mind-body exercise of yoga.

I started using Itsy Bitsy Yoga with my daughter soon after she was born – being a winter baby, I think it helped tremendously to stimulate and also soothe her.  Now we combine that book with Little Yoga – a cute and whimsical book for toddlers that illustrates animal yoga poses – so her older brother can join the fun.

If any of our neighbors happen to be peaking into our window, they may be wondering why we’re all gnarled up on our floor…but not to worry – they’re not tears of distress – we’re just laughing hysterically!


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