Want a glimpse of our new products?  Take a look at our Coming Soon page for a peek!  We’ll be formally introducing the new line up during our New Products Week in September, where you’ll be taken behind the scenes to meet the artists and the history behind each project.

Our new line up includes 18 books (3 books offered in Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu (and 2 in Kannada), as well 4 precious handmade memory/keepsake books), a fabulous high-style Alphabet Poster, new apron designs and adult-sized aprons, as well as a collection of eco-friendly personalized stationery and prints featuring bold, colourful and (of course) South-Asian-inspired graphics.

So you see, we’ve been quite busy this summer!  Gnaana is growing…thanks to you, our readers and customers…so keep the fire going by spreading the word!


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4 Responses to “Gearing Up For Our New Products!”

  1. CM Says:

    Sounds wonderful! I am very excited for books.

  2. Dipti Says:

    This is great! The books, posters, and prints all sound fabulous! Can’t wait to start adding the items to my daughter’s Christmas Wish List so Dadajee and Dadima can go nuts 😉

  3. Aruna Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! We have been overwhelmed with requests for books – hope they are worth the wait!

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