This post is authored by Dr. Jay Apte – renowned Ayurvedic physician and expert.  Dr. Apte  is the founder of the Ayurveda Institute of America, AyurFoods and Herbal Care (one of  the first companies to develop, manufacture and market genuine Ayurvedic food supplements in the United States).  She has also established a Health & Nature Wellness Center (in Northern California) and started schools in Houston, TX, Foster City, CA and Los Angeles, CA.  Dr. Apte  is a past president of the CAAM and is on the NAMA board of directors.

You may feel, “Our life is so busy, how can we incorporate ancient Ayurveda into our modern life?  We don’t have time.”  Incorporating Ayurveda doesn’t mean adding 4 or more hours of work into your already busy day.  On the contrary, Ayurvedic lifestyle practices make your life meaningful and fulfilling.  More importantly, doing so also frees and creates time, which you can use to enjoy and relax.

As mankind has progressed from the Stone Age to “Modern Age,” we have unfortunately regressed from our source and have been increasingly living at a more superficial level.  From human-beings we have become “human doings” – constantly doing something.  We have lost the touch with our Soul.

You should be aware of the interconnectedness of your Body-Mind-Spirit.  Body expresses what Mind harbors.  Mind implements what the intellect (Spirit) directs.  When all the three are in harmony – we become productive.

Let us talk about the daily routine.  Ayurveda recommends:

1.  Waking up early and meditating for a few minutes.  People have a hard time waking up early in the morning because they stay up late at night – watching TV or working on the computer.  If you hit the sack around 10.00 PM, you can easily wake up around 6.00 AM. Early morning meditation – even for a few minutes – will help you get into a meditative state for the entire day.  You become mindful of all the activities, get more things done in less time, with less stress and less worry.

2.  Eating fresh food every day.  You can prepare fresh food early in the morning or at least a night before.  Make use of the wonderful gadgets – slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, etc.  Homemade food is definitely more nourishing than eating TV dinners, canned or frozen foods or eating out.  Remember you ARE what you eat.

3.  Eating mindfully.  Do not to eat on the run or while working on the computer or watching TV.  If you sit at the table and eat mindfully, less amount of food will satisfy you more.  Less food in the system means fewer calories, less undigested food and fewer toxins in the body.

4.  Exercising at least an hour every day.  But who has the time?  No matter how busy you are, you should make time to head to the gym, take a brisk nature walk or do yoga with your buddies.  At work your Mind gets stressed out and your body becomes sedentary.  Exercise is exactly opposite –  it works up the body and relaxes the Mind.

A note about seasonal change:  As the fall begins, the weather starts cooling off.  Along with the falling leaves and trees getting dry, our skin, hair, eyes and lips show similar changes.  During the fall season, periodically massage the whole body with warm sesame oil.  The warmth and moistness of the oil lubricates the skin – making you feel nurtured and relaxed.  You may be busy on weekdays, but try to incorporate this practice in the evening or on a weekend.

These are just a few examples of Ayurvedic lifestyle practices – small steps you can incorporate right now into your daily routine.  Nourishing your Body, Mind and Spirit is the key to leading healthy, happy and productive lives – a holistic approach that has been propounded by Vedic civilization since over 5,000 years ago.  You can prevent many health issues, keep down medical bills and avoid the adverse effects of the pills.

You can get an individual Ayurvedic consultation done, which will recommend lifestyle changes customized for your own body constitution (Prakriti).  See for yourself how your life will change.

For more information on Ayurveda, please visit:  What is Ayurveda?

© 2010 Dr. Jay Apte

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