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Maybe rituals “aren’t your thing.”  Maybe they are.  Whatever your beliefs and lifestyle, the fact is that The Puja Ceremony is a key component to understanding Hinduism.  It’s how Hindus, for centuries, have connected with the Divine.  And it’s a vital element in almost all Hindu holidays – including Diwali – when the Lakshmi Puja takes center stage.

But how often do you see a 5-year-old (or an 8-or-10-year old for that matter) actually sit through a puja?  Maybe they don’t understand what’s going on.  Maybe all those Sanskrit hymns bore them.

This Diwali we encourage you to shake things up.  Adults:  sit back and let the kids take charge of the prayer ceremony with our Step-by-Step Diwali Puja Tutorial!  From the starting preparations to final aarti and prasad, our Tutorial instructs kids on what to do – and, more importantly, the meaning and purpose behind each step.  It’s The Puja – deconstructed and distilled to the essentials.  It’s learning by doing.

Of course, keep in mind the puja won’t be perfect (or very long), but the kids are sure to have fun being “in charge.”  And feel free to adapt the Tutorial – we set-up a very basic presentation, but you can insert special family traditions or longer mantras if you wish.

We hope our Tutorial will help kids connect with the more spiritual elements of one of Hinduism’s biggest holidays.

Happy Diwali!

Download & Print Tutorial here (4 pages): Printable PDFs

Diwali Kids Activity Puja
Diwali Kids Activity Puja


Diwali Kids Activity Puja
Diwali Kids Activity Puja
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