Memory Jar
Author: Aruna

Something about starting a New Year that evokes relentless nostalgia – like I didn’t do enough to capture all the things that happened the year before.  As though the memories were slipping through my fingers – like water – and in the end, what was I left with?

One of the things I resolve to do this year is to be a better documentarian of my kids.  I saw this idea for a memory jar sometime last year – where you scribble something funny or memorable that your kids said on a piece of paper and put it in a jar.  Somehow, this simple project always got pushed down on the choses a faire, but I finally grabbed an old jam jar, cut up some paper and made our little shrine.

The first note that made it into the jar was something my son said last year when we were talking about planets (he had been learning about them in his preschool).  I said Pluto was my favourite planet, and he had to remind me, “But, Mommy, Pluto’s not a planet anymore.”

Tears to my eyes, I tell you.


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