MTR Guacamole
Author: Aruna

I remember when I took my friend Dana (one of my best friends from high school, who was visiting me in Bangalore on her first trip to India) to the MTR Restaurant.  She’s a New York City girl in truth, who is used to dining in establishments where style and service often trump substance.  So when we waited in line to be seated with other strangers and be served on simple steel plates (where food is ladeled onto your plate from buckets no less!), I was wondering if she’d agree with me that, when it comes to Indian food, there is usually an inverse relationship between price and tastiness.  And how could she not – after savouring those delicious masalas in the sambar, rasam and dhals!

I love the MTR masala powders – especially the Rasam Powder – which I sprinkle on just about everything:  egg salad sandwiches, pulihora, crackers…you get the picture.  I’ve even considered carrying a vial in my purse, just in case I hit a bland restaurant meal.  The MTR Rasam Powder is also my (now-not-so-secret) ingredient in my guacamole.  Sprinkle liberally (along witht the salt, lime and jalapenos) and you will notice it adds a certain “depth-of-flavour” like no other.  Give it a try next time you entertain!

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