Kolaveri T Shirts
Author: Aruna

I was in the Little India area in L.A. the other day getting a lehenga stitched for my daughter and I saw this little kid (must have been about 8-years-old) wearing a Kolaveri T Shirt.  (If you haven’t heard the Kolaveri Song by now, you must live in a seriously airtight bubble).

Apparently, Kolaverti T Shirts are one of the hottest selling items these days.  If someone made a t-shirt with the Angry Birds graphic above, I think the lines would spill out the doors!

Below left, cool graphics by Go Untucked; below right, clever interpretation via Movie Stores

top image via Google images


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2 Responses to “Kolaveri T Shirts”

  1. MomWithaDot Says:

    Quite a ‘rage’ it seems :) !!

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