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But I don’t celebrate Easter at home.”  This is what my son told his teachers.  I think they responded with something along the lines of, “well, you can celebrate it in school.”

Awkward.  Partly my fault for not explaining it very well to him.  When he asked me what Easter was, I told him it was a spring holiday that Christians celebrate, like when Hindus celebrate Holi.  After the comment at school, I had to tell him that it was OK to have fun with Easter eggs and candy – and that everybody can celebrate the fun parts of each other’s holidays.  Then I said next year he could bring his American friends to celebrate Holi with us.  I think it settled the issue for him.

Then I came across  news that Australia has imposed new regulations that would penalize childcare centers if they required children to take part in religious or cultural activities (link here).

I don’t know if I handled the matter in the right way, but I had a laugh when my son brought home an Easter bunny craft – a paper mask with paint splatters all over it.  “Look, Mommy, the Easter bunny was playng Holi.”

That bunny is going in a frame.

Image via Google images

Railways of India
Author: Aruna

I’ve been thinking a lot about trains lately (and we have a big announcement coming up soon!).  Specifically, Indian railways.  Both my son and my daughter love playing with trains and I often take them to the train station in our town after school – where we just hang out and watch trains.

My memories of India are entwined with all those hours my family spent traveling on the trains – on the Coromandel Express, the Godavari Express, the Konkan Railway…from the drama of getting seats, listening to strange conversations and eating idli and upma from banana leaf packets –  to me India would not be India without its trains.

So it begs the question:  why is there nothing for kids about Indian railways?  A friend of mine just got back from India and she said she looked everywhere for mini replicas of the trains she took her son on…but nothing.

My search led me to find To The Top Of The World By Steam – about the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.  It’s not much, but it’s something.  Although I’ve been on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (another narrow guage railway and, like the DHR, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) – I’ve always pined for a trip on the Darjeeling. 

Someday…definitely…someday – but for now, the video.

Anyone else have suggestions for kids on the topic of Indian railways?


Last fall, famed luxury Spanish brand Lladro launched these limited edition Rama and Sita scuplture sets.  Beautiful, no?

But how do traditional Indian sculpture artists compare to Lladro’s crafters?  See this traditional marble sculpture:

Which do you prefer?

Lladro’s Rama and Sita sculptures available at select Lladro stores, online, and where else…

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