The Sabyasachi Saree
Author: Gnaana

It is said that an Indian woman’s wardrobe is not complete without a Sabysachi Saree.  Sabysachi Mukherjee has designed for stars the world over (ncluding Oprah), but his styles are accessible and wearable heirloom treasures – that value traditional Indian textiles.  And word has it that for time ever there’s a Chota Sabya line for kids.

Want one of these sarees? Available in the US at Pia Ka Ghar.

image via The Hindu

RAYIL  – A New Kids Clothing Line


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8 Responses to “The Sabyasachi Saree”

  1. saree Says:

    very cute dresses

  2. indian saree Says:

    Good looking party dresses

  3. Peupy Says:

    I really love the collection. Can anyone give me some idea on the price range of the sarees.
    I need something that I can wear during day…not very heavy but elegant

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