I don’t often get excited about cars, but our house has been in a state of uber-excitement for the past week over our big Diwali purchase:  the 100% electric Nissan Leaf.

Suddenly driving is less of a chore – and we have lots to share with random, curious strangers.  The kids have even composed their very one “electric car song.”

What I love most (apart from never having to go to a gas station – we plug it into an outlet in our garage) is the programmable climate control – so the car is just the right temperature when we load the kids in the car at 7:45 am.

Of course, we took it to the temple last Friday and almost ran out of charge…we pulled into the driveway with 4 miles to spare.  Learning curve noted.  Good thing we have a good number of EV charging stations around us…


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2 Responses to “The Big Diwali Purchase”

  1. palak Says:

    Neat! How do you find out if you have ev charging stations where you live?

  2. Aruna Says:

    The car’s GPS tells you – I never knew they were all over the place!