The events in Delhi (you know, about the r-a-p-e) have been front and center in the Indian newspapers – probably longer than usual.  I thought, however, that emotions would soon dissipate and the event was soon to be forgotten – like many other news events do.

So I was surprised to  hear that the Indian government actually commissioned a report to study and recommend changes to the India’s criminal laws to protect women.  Issued in a record 29 days – it gives me hope that someday women will feel more safe and empowered.

However, there are skeptics – who say India will “never change” – citing cultural barricades that, in part, blame women for “letting this happen to them.”

Is there any country so complex as India?

Read a good opinion article here.  Full text of the report here.

image via The Hindu


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One Response to “Sweeping Changes for Women in India?”

  1. MomWithaDot Says:

    Those pessimists and narrow minded people frustrate me terribly! But I DO have hope in the youth who I sincerely hope will be the catalyst for change.