Onward and Upward
Author: Aruna


It’s good to be writing again and to be directing the Blog.  Thank you for the emails and pleas to keep the Blog running – they have served as a reminder that Gnaana has truly become a special place for families of the South Asian diaspora to connect.

The Blog has always been integral to our operations, and although Gnaana has been running and growing, especially our wholesale arm, I didn’t want to hand the Blog off to just anyone during my one year sabbatical.  The good news is that we have lots of fresh, new fodder for kids and parents to savour.

During this past year, I’ve entered the world of homeschooling (yes, homeschooling – more on that later) with my kids – precipitated in part by the failure of traditional schools (public and private) to meet the educational and lifestyle needs of my son.  After a few months of pure homeschooling, we have now settled into what’s being termed “hybrid homeschooling” – part-time traditional school and part-time homeschooling.

This means, of course, that I have a wealth of projects and activities related to the Subcontinent to share, as Telugu language and Indian culture and history is an integral part of our homeschool curriculum.  Some of these will be turned into Gnaana products and/or available as digital downloads.

It just so happens that my kids needed the benefits of homeschooling. And it just so happens that I run a company that educates children about their Indian heritage.  Can you sense that the Hindu fatalist in me has emerged from all of this?


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