…that you may not have heard of.  It’s the Battle of Raichur – and it’s probably the big reason that Hindu culture remained intact and uncorrupted by Islam’s influence.  The Battle was fought in 1520 between Vijaynagara Raja Sri Krishnadevaraya and Bijapur Sultanate Adil Shah.

A hotly-contested area which changed hands between Hindus and Muslims many times, Raichur (located in current Karnataka) was situated at a strategic location between North and South:

Raichur’s Fort (pictured above) was built by Kakatiya King Rudra in 1284.  Although it was certainly an “uphill battle” for Krishnadevaraya to recapture Raichur from Shah, he did prevail (with a little luck and whole lot of strategy).  For this reason, the Deccan plateau was safe and secure (for at least the next 40 years and until the Mughal era…the fall of the Vijaynagara Empire is another story altogether…)


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