If you have a child who is “gifted,” you’ve probably figured out by now that this label is a double-edged sword. Life with a gifted child can be intense (and often intensely disruptive). Most people presume that “gifted” children are the star students – that they sail through school with little or no help, finish their homework in a snap, read copiously, and start inventing things in elementary school.

But this is not the case with many gifted kids. Instead, they often suffer from boredom in traditional classrooms, can act up in class, or even be extremely reluctant to do homework. And since their minds are often on “overdrive,” they can get caught up in deep thoughts and miss the simple stuff. If the class is talking about the water cycle, a gifted child may start to wonder about what’s up further in the Earth’s atmosphere – or how water formed on Earth in the first place…as you can see, hyper-curiosity is not always advantageous in a traditional school setting.

So even if your child is struggling in school, you may want to ask yourself:  is your child gifted?  Most schools only screen the top-performing students for their “gifted” programs – so if your child is indeed gifted, but is a poor performer, chances are they will not even be assessed.  Gifted children learn and process things differently (in fact, some educators believe that “wired differently” is a more accurate label than “gifted”) and they have special educational needs.  While some gifted kids can soar on their own, others can suffer if their educational needs are not being met.

Click here for a list of Common Characteristics of Gifted Children.  If you suspect your child is gifted, the NAGC has some terrific resources for parents.

And you will need to start advocating for your child.


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