Logic for Kids
Author: Aruna


Logical thinking is a critical skill for kids.  It’s used in virtually every subject: math, reading/writing, science, social studies…Perhaps I’m biased because I’m attorney – but I find logic useful in almost everything.

Most kids are not formally introduced to logic until it comes time for the PSAT (remember those analogies?) – but such important brain exercises should be started much earlier.  Being able to recognize and categorize inferences, syllogisms, and logical fallacies helps kids to reach a deeper level of thinking.

That’s why we incorporate logic into our academic curriculum.  They love the logic puzzles, and they are a welcome break to other, more routine work.  For younger kids, check out the Lollipop Logic series.  For older kids, try Logic Safari.


For more serious training, try Perplexors by MindWare:



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