Stop the Mercury
Author: Gnaana


If you aren’t already aware, those fairness creams are toxic (on several levels).  In fact, the NIH conducted a study on Fair & Lovely in particular, concluding, “These results indicate that although Fair & Lovely mercury content is less than the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permissible limits histopathological changes in the brain, kidney, and liver tissues are evidence of its possible toxicity.”  See abstract here.

Other fairness creams may have higher levels of mercury. In April, 40 people in 6 Orange County, CA homes in the Latino Community were exposed to dangerously-high levels of mercury, as mercury from a fairness cream toxin made its way onto bedding, clothes and furniture – turning the home into a hazardous waste site.  See article here.

Not so lovely, eh? Enough said.


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