BC vs. BCE
Author: Aruna

Today’s date is… AD or CE? And in your kids’ history textbooks – are the dates listed as BC or BCE?  In the era of political correctness, it is striking how many still use religiously “un-neutral” dates.

As recap, the reference point for BC and AD is the birth of Christ:  “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” (The Year of Our Lord).  BCE and CE stand for “Before Common Era” and “Common Era.”

The BBC caused quite an uproar a few years ago when it switched to BCE and CE notations (read here and here).

Yes, yes, it is all semantics – both notation systems still acknowledge the reference point as the birth of Christ, so what really is the point?  At least non-Christians don’t overtly feel as excluded. I always admire a book more when BCE and CE notations are used.

BK (Before Krishna) anyone?


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