I once overheard a group of Christian moms (there was circumstantial evidence that they all sent their kids to a Christian private school) at my daughter’s gymnastics center talking about one of the ladies’ Hindu co-worker. The gist of the conversation was something like: “[the Hindu co-worker] couldn’t really explain to me what Hinduism was all about,” said Mom #1. “It seems to be a very formless religion,” said Mom #2. “Yeah, I just don’t understand it. It’s too undisciplined for me.” said Mom #1 (quite dismissively). And they all nodded in agreement – silently affirming the “superiority” of their own faith.

Ironically, I was sitting 3 feet away with another Indian mom friend. We both overheard them and gave each other a look. If I were that Hindu co-worker and if someone asked me what my faith was about – what would I have said? How do you distill such a complicated and multi-faceted ancient philosophy into 2-3 sentences? It’s like opening up a can of worms.

We have 2 entire shelves in our home library devoted to books on Hinduism, but my recent read of Swami Achuthananda’s Many, Many, Many Gods of Hinduism is hands down one of the best, most concise, and most accessible. Set-up as random 2-3 page snippets of topics, it’s a perfect antidote for us parents who only have a few sporadic minutes to spare. Thank you, Swami-ji for writing this terrific gem.

I should give copies to those moms.


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