I joke with my kids that we’re the brown family – and not just because we have have brown skin. We eat brown everything: brown rice, brown bread, brown pizza crust, brown flour, brown bagels, brown (wheat) pasta…

Except croissants. I haven’t found whole wheat croissants. Yet.

We had friends over for lunch the other weekend and I made a spanish rice dish with (guess) brown rice. My friend R. commented on how the light the rice was, and that she couldn’t tell it was brown rice.

So here’s my take on brown rice:

1. Don’t buy brown rice from the Indian grocery store. It’s a lot of work in rinsing, and it cooks too heavy and dense.
2. Don’t buy Uncle Ben’s “brown rice” from the grocery story down the street. I tastes fake. I don’t think birds would eat that either.
3. We only buy brown rice from 2 stores: Trader Joe’s (Brown Jasmine Rice) and Fresh & Easy

After all, brown is better…


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