Nataraj Symbolism
Author: Gnaana

Hindus celebrate Maha Shivaratri today.  Known as the Great Night of Shiva, the celebrations are marked by prayer and penance, music and dance (and some, in fact, stay up through the night).  Of course, one of the most iconic images of Lord Shiva is his Nataraj Form – and your kids may be wondering: what’s this all about?

Well, there are many forms of Shiva Tandava (anywhere from 7 to 16), but the Anandatandava (Dance of Bliss) is a symbol of the eternal cosmic cycles of creation and destruction. It also represents the daily rhythm of day and night and of birth and death.

Below is an excellent diagram of Nataraj Symbolism (via Yoga World Reach):

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images via Google images, Yoga World Reach


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