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We’ve been quiet as a mouse about what’s been brewing here at Gnaana, but we promise we have alot coming these next few months – including updates on our beloved alphabet blocks, puzzles, an overhaul of our website checkout process, and some exciting new products!

First up is the next title in our best-selling Bindi Baby series: Bindi Baby Colors – a 32-page hardcover book (you heard it right – hardcover!) featuring gorgeous graphics (would you expect anything else from us?).

It will be available for pre-orders starting March 1 in all the 7 languages we support.

Until then…we’ll be dreaming in color!

Author: Aruna

We take note of the Obama’s recent India visit on a different level – notably, how this dark-skinned couple silently raised the hopes of many dark-skinned Indians who are the victims of the country’s unabashed colourism.

Michelle Obama, in particular, received much press and the focus, thankfully, was on her styling and activities.

It’s a very moving visual when the most powerful couple on the planet comes to the land of the colour-obsessed and takes skin colour out of the equation.

As it should be.

For more on the topic, read this excellent article by Shikha Dalmia

image via Google images

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