Our family took a trip to a landfill this past weekend – as part of a local Los Angeles area Earth Day celebration. We toured the Puente Hills Landfill – which, if you’ve ever driven by along Route 60, you wouldn’t even know it’s a landfill: it’s smoothed over with layers of dirt, has scraggly grass and shrubs growing on top, and just looks like a typically mountain.

Which got me thinking about landfills in India – which the post was supposed to be about. But the situation and pictures are so utterly depressing, that I did not want to post. It is devastating to think that our mother country is looking more and more like a scene from Wall-E – and no one seems to have any workable solutions.

And so, to make myself fell (sort of) better, today we tour 15 of the largest landfills in the world – 14 of which are NOT in India.

Although all of these landfills look infinitely nicer and are more well maintained than the “dumps” in India.

Every day is Earth Day.

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