Good books for kids re-telling the story of The Mahabharata?  Fail.  The kids have seen then entire Ramanand Sagar Ramayana (with their grandparents) and Shri Krishna, which they loved.  But for The Mahabharata, we started watching the Star Plus version.  Bonus that the special effects are actually up-to-date, and that it’s available in Telugu.  Although this version has been criticized for various inaccuracies (which can be explained and actually makes for interesting conversation), this Star Plus version has held my kids captive and begging for the next episode.  (Telugu episodes available here).

And here’s a pretty decent e-book type summary version published by the Asia Society (click here).

Lord Krishna, in the opening episode (they have him in a role as narrator), states that by listening to this story, you will learn what’s good and what’s not, and about the many varied characters that exist in human society.  So many lessons to be learned…

Languages are beautiful….Love Your Language


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