Name That Chakra
Author: Gnaana

No, it’s not Gandhi’s spinning wheel (a common misconception in the West). It’s the Ashoka Chakra, which in itself is a symbol of the Dharma Chakra. It’s called the Ashoka Chakra after Mauryan Emperor Ashoka (304 – 232 BCE), who inscribed roughly 33 edicts on various pillars, caves and boulders throughout India. These edicts memorialize Ashoka’s view about dharma.

The Ashoka Chakra has 24 spokes – which some say represent the 24 hours of a day, and that this chakra is rotating continuously throughout time. A variant interpretation of the 24 spokes has closer ties to Hinduism and Buddhism and explains the 24 spokes as 24 principles of dharma: Love, Courage, Patience, Peacefulness, Magnanimity, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Selflessness, Self-Control, Self Sacrifice, Truthfulness, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Gracefulness, Humility, Empathy, Sympathy, Spiritual Knowledge, Moral Values, Spiritual Wisdom, The Fear of God and Faith (Belief or Hope).

Happy Independence Day!

Colouring Page for kids (click on image and print).

Ashoka Chakra wall decal available here.


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