Navratri Knowledge
Author: Gnaana


Navratri begins tonight, October 13 – and we get ready for 9 nights of fun and learning! ¬†First up: do you know the difference between Parvati and Durga? We featured this question in previous years. Here’s a recap:


Navratri is a celebration of womanhood – an acknowledgement that women have certain powers, beyond those of men, as manifested in the story of Goddess Durga’s creation (in sum, all the gods (male + female) came together to embody all their powers in a Supreme Goddess in order to defeat the rakshasa Mahishasura – who could not be defeated by a male).

Durga is a complicated Goddess (you can read more about Durga here: Goddess Durga FAQ and 9 Forms of Durga), and there are conflicting stories about her. Your kids may be wondering – and a little confused – as to how she is different from Parvati.

Here’s the short answer (though some will disagree): Parvati is Lord Shiva’s divine consort – essentially his feminine side. Durga (along with Kali) is a form of Parvati – and all are variant forms of Shakti (the universal power of energy, power, and creation).

Happy Navratri! Let the learning begin!


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