The Dwarka Mystery
Author: Aruna

This should have you shaking your head at the Indian government: back in 2001, oceanographers from India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology discovered a sunken “lost city” in the Gulf of Cambay (off the coast of Gujarat) while conducting a survey of pollution. Remains recovered from the site, which included pottery, walls, human bones and teeth, and sculpture) were carbon dated to be nearly 9,500 years old.

A whole city. Underwater. 9,500 years old.

Most historians date the first civilization (Mesopotamia) to around 5,000 BCE. You do the math.

But what has the Indian government done in the past 14 years about this shattering discovery? Nothing.

The city has been claimed by some to be the lost city of DwarkaРwhich if you recall was the island kingdom Lord Krishna had built in The Mahabharata (and which was reportedly submerged).

My son and I are studying ancient civilizations this year, and we’re putting together a massive timeline (more on this later). We’re not sure what to do with this information – but it’s a little embarrassing that we don’t have further information. Thanks, India.

You can read more about the discovery in this BBC article here, and watch a video here:


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