The Story of Silk
Author: Aruna


Remember the teacup story? Silk is a fabric that’s holds such a special status in our culture, and I couldn’t believe I forgot to tell the kids of its origin until we read about it in our homeschool ancient history book. And so here we go – all thinks silk:

Above – The Empress and the Silkworm a book about the teacup legend (fleshed out in better detail than I could ever re-tell).
This I did not know, but you can purchase silkworm cocoons (either unhatched or broken) – that you can practice unwinding at home (available here…)


You can also host a full-fledged fleet of live silkworms, so you watch the production of silk with your own eyes – like with this kit:


And if at this point your kids are feeling sorry for those poor, exploited silkworms, here is a video that explains the process of “ahimsa silk” – which apparently does not harm the silkworm:


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