Mango Mania
Author: Aruna

We’re in the thick of mango season, and we found this handy chart listing regional varieties of the tasty fruit. And did you know that the United States has a National Mango Board! Its aim is to “increase awareness and consumption of fresh mangos in the U.S.”

Last year, they partnered with Scholastic to put together some fun lesson plans for grades 2-4 – weaving science, literacy, writing, and math into some fun lesson plans. I did it with my kids last year: Lesson 1 had them think about what it would be like to be a mango, and the farm-to-table timeline, by writing their “mango travel story.” ┬áLesson 2 had them hypothesizing, weighing, and graphing the weight and density of fruits (including mangos) to see which ones floated and which ones sank. It was a lot of fun (especially when they got to plop them in our pool.

Check it our here.


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