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Magic Scallions
Author: Aruna

Our nanny heard about this trick somewhere, so we tried it: just trim some store-bought scallions and plant in soil. They will grow back over-and-over again. We’ve had never-ending scallions this summer – saving us 99 cents a bunch and really, nothing beats fresh-picked produce from your garden.

Video instructions:

To add to the bliss, I (accidentally) created this lazy dinner we now call Spicy Scallion Pasta:
Cooked pasta
Olive oil
Salt (to taste)
Fresh chopped scallions
Crushed red pepper (lots!)
Parmesan cheese

Toss and eat. Garden-to-table in 10-minutes flat (maybe even 5 if you use angel hair pasta).

Strawberry Lassis
Author: admin

Lassis with a twist: cool, refreshing, quick, and healthy. What’s not to love about strawberry lassis? Add a shot of protein powder for extra oomphh.

Recipe here…


Wedding season is approaching – and for most (South) Indians, that means Kanjeevarams. But did you ever wonder why Kanjeevaram silks are so prized?

Of course they are breathtakingly beautiful – each sari takes from 3-5 days to weave. But these sarees are also woven by weavers who are linked to the Divine.  According to a legend, long ago, Sage Markandeya wove tissue fibers from lotus flowers for the gods – and he passed down his knowledge to weaver communities now in present-day Kanchipuram (the city from where the sarees derive there name).

Through history, these luxurious textiles graced the palaces of 7th century Pallava rulers and of the mighty Vijaynagar Empire.

Food for thought when you are shopping for your next Kanjeevaram…


For parents of 1st – 4th graders: could your kids use an extra boost in mastering math fluency? Check out Reflex Math – an online platform that has engaging games and (more importantly) gives parents feedback on which facts need to be practiced.

This is a comprehensive program – covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The programs incentivizes kids to practice at least 20 minutes, three times a week…until math becomes like a “reflex.”


Not your average beach reading, but this is Ancient-Indian Historical Fiction at its best (or, rather, only). I found this randomly lying on a table in my garage – as though it were calling to me. I must have picked it up in India years ago. It truly felt like fate, because just the night before, my husband and I were discussing the Aryan migration/invasion “theory” and the bucket-loads of information we’ve acquired since Max Muller and the 1850’s. Bhagwan Gidwani spent 18 years researching the Aryans – theorizing the Aryans originated in India and “re-migrated” back.

It’s a fascinating read for history buffs, and thrillingly detailed. Many times I forgot it was a fictional tale…

Sort of available on here: Amazon.

Dare to go Square
Author: Aruna

Gold shopping for my brother’s wedding has proven dangerous. Saw the likes of the above in a store, and I’ve been bit with a “square bug.” And so began a hunt:

Isharya Filigree:

Bold and modern:

Pretty polki:

Thin and delicate:


Tusli Gabbard, the first Hindu to be elected to the US Congress (from Hawaii’s 2nd District), has initiated an effort to get the US Postal Department to issue a Hindu stamp. Christians, Jews and Muslims have already succeeded in getting their stamps issued, but there has been no Hindu stamp to-date. Let’s help her change that!

Congresswoman Gabbard has requested a Diwali stamp – recognizing the significance of removing the darkness and ignorance with light and enlightenment.

Please help by signing the petition here:

Here is a message from Congresswoman Gabbard:

Aloha & Namaste,
Every year when we get together and we celebrate Diwali, the beautiful Festival of Lights, we’re celebrating the triumph of good over evil, of right over wrong.

Now, a lot of people having been working hard to try to get a Diwali stamp here in the United States, but we need your help.

Please join me in signing this petition so that we can increase the volume of all of our voices all across the country in urging the United States Postal Service to create a Diwali stamp to recognize this special day and to further increase and enrich our nation’s tapestry of religious and cultural diversity.

We need your help. Let’s work together and get it done.
Thank You,

As an additional summer activity for kids, have them write-in a letter requesting the stamp to the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) – a committee appointed by the Postmaster General that selects subjects for future stamps. Kids can mail their letters here:

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
Washington, DC 20260-3501

For more information on the stamp selection process, go here…