Wedding season is approaching – and for most (South) Indians, that means Kanjeevarams. But did you ever wonder why Kanjeevaram silks are so prized?

Of course they are breathtakingly beautiful Рeach sari takes from 3-5 days to weave. But these sarees are also woven by weavers who are linked to the Divine.  According to a legend, long ago, Sage Markandeya wove tissue fibers from lotus flowers for the gods Рand he passed down his knowledge to weaver communities now in present-day Kanchipuram (the city from where the sarees derive there name).

Through history, these luxurious textiles graced the palaces of 7th century Pallava rulers and of the mighty Vijaynagar Empire.

Food for thought when you are shopping for your next Kanjeevaram…


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