This year, we need to trust and believe that Good will prevail over Evil.

With all the Evil going on in the world right now – around the world and in the US elections, it is easy to lose heart and hope.

In all honesty, this Indian holiday season hasn’t felt like much of a “celebration” so far (at least for me) – but rather it has been a more slow, somber unfurling of Hope.

Hope that as Hindus celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil this October, that somehow through our jubilations, we can remind the world that eventually Good WILL win over Evil.

As we were discussing the meaning of Navratri, Dussehra, and Deepavali yesterday, my son innocently asked me, “Mommy, has anything evil ever won in this world?”

It was a hard question to answer. In my parental myopia, I answered, “No, eventually, Good has always prevailed. It may not have been right away at the immediate moment, but somehow, at some time, Evil has always been put to rest.”

Perhaps that’s not entirely true, but it is the karmic Hindu Hope that we can offer the world this holiday season.

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