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Curl Up With Coyuchi
Author: Gnaana


(Images courtesy of Coyuchi)

Starbucks put “fair trade coffee” on the map.  But what about “fair trade cotton?”  Cotton is such a large part of our lives – from the towel we use in the morning to the sheets we sleep on.  Fair wages and the non-existence of child labour should be the norm – whether it’s coffee or cotton, right?

Coyuchi certainly thinks so.  This California company is a pioneer in the application of the principles of fair trade cotton to the bedding and bath industry.  Not only are they fair trade certified, but they are also certified organic.  And guess where their cotton is produced?  Yup – India.

India accounts for about 16% of the world’s cotton production (second only to China).  But did you know that it is the world’s largest producer of organic cotton?  Roughly 50% of all organic cotton is grown in India (Turkey is second).  Coyuchi works with a single mill in India, which sources its cotton from a cooperative of 6,500 family farmers who grow organic cotton.  Farmers and mill workers are paid a fair wage, giving them the ability to afford health care and education for their families.  The company also works with the Chetna Project in India – an organization devoted to growing fair trade and certified organic cotton.

It certainly feels good when my family curls up with Coyuchi!

Featured above are the George Pillow Sham from the Baby collection and the Jersey Duvet Cover.  Learn more about organic and fair trade cotton at the Coyuchi Gallery .


My poor daughter has been very neglected in the room-design department.  She inherited a yellow nursery from her brother, so I want her big-girl room to be extra-fabulous.  I’m liking these duvets:  Blissliving’s Harajuku (toned-down girly-glam) and Sanford Burrows’ Field Day (whimsical and intriguing).

I’m thinking I’ll kid-ify the room with a luscious wall color, a few playful pillows, and some mirror-embroidered drapes.  A satisfying mix of clean lines with just a hint of Indian antiquity?  We shall see.