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It’s hard not to feel robbed at the airport these days, especially when traveling with kids.  What with the $5 for a pint of milk and a banana and the shameless $25 (and rising) charge for a checked bag, you’re lucky if can emerge with enough cash to pay the tolls on the way home.  And that darn 50lb weight limit – God forbid that, like us this past weekend, you have to attend an Indian wedding, with multiple events each requiring a 5lb saree or salwar.  Makes we want to hide a few things inside the car seats…

Luckily for us, we had our handy Taylor luggage scale – a small, lightweight (under 1/2lb) contraption that travels with us everywhere and saves us the embarrassment of having to open and redistribute weight among our luggage at the check-in counter.  This particualr scale is digital (runs on a lithium battery), which eases the stress of having to squint to interpret a needle.

Dont’ leave home without one!