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Luscious Letterpress
Author: Gnaana

Kamal India Indian Letterpress Stationery

I’m infatuated with paper. So much so that sometimes I resent the digital age – people don’t snail-mail cute “We’ve moved!” cards or creative party invitations anymore. 

But when you sift through .kamal.‘s astonishing collection of letterpress cards and invitations, you’ll want to join me in the effort to revive the era of paper correspondence.  Branded as “art on paper” (which it truly is), the designs are the creation of Kamal Patel, a London-born Pratt grad who now lives in Virginia.  She features cards, coasters, wrapping paper and custom invitations and announcements – all printed locally in Richmond, VA on eco-friendly 100% cotton or kraft chipboard.

Minimalist, modern and mesmerizing…

Check it out: