Happy Days    
                              January 2011    
Monday's child is fair of face...
We all know the nursery rhyme.  But did you know the rhyme is based on the ancient Roman belief of ruling planets - that each day of the week is "ruled" by a particular planet?
Not so different from what Vedic astronomers came up with a fes thousand years ago.
With the arrival of the New Year and Pongal/Sankranthi/
Uttarayan, time is on everyone's mind.  This month, we focus on the Hindu (Vedic) Time System - elements of which share commonalities throughout the world.  
 Days of the Week Flashcards!


Mars (Mangal) is a troublemaker, and Mercury (Budh) is scholarly and brings luck.  Learn about the origin and the names of the 7 Days of the Week - and which planet is the boss on your favorite day - with our cute and clever Printable Flashcards. A fun way to pass a winter week!  Read More...      
 India in Antarctica!

If you think it's cold here, what about minus 54 degrees Celsius in Antarctica?  India deployed its first-ever scientific expedition to Antarctica - planting the Indian flag at the South Pole on Nov. 22, 2010.  The 8-member team collected valuable data to study the impact of global warming on Antarctica. Congratulations!  Read more... 
 A Kite's Eye View of India


Uttaryan (also known as Pongal and Sankranthi in South India) is celebrated this month - famous for exhilarating kite festivals in Gujarat.  Check out this amazing book by French kite photographer Nicolas Chorier - who gives you A Kite's Eye View of India by attaching a camera to kites.
Multi-Cultural Musings
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Time to Celebrate! 
Jan 5:  Guru Gobind Singh
           Jayanti (Sikh)
Jan 13:  Lohri (Punjab)
Jan 14: Makar Sankranthi /
            Pongal / Uttarayan
Jan 26:  Republic Day (India)
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