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                              July/August 2011    
On a dark and stormy night...
What does Lord Krishna inspire in you?  Joy?  Complete devotion?  Or perhaps he is a supreme symbol of hope  - the lifeblood of human existence? 
Although the story of his birth is a bit gruesome for young kids, his birth day is nevertheless a call for cheerful and joyous celebration.  Sri Krishna Janmashtami falls on August 22nd this year - so be sure to mark the event on your calendar.  Read stories of Krishna this month, play dress-up, do crafts and take your kids to a bhajan at your local temple.
Let your kids be inspired by the legend of Krishna.
 Diorama Displays

Crafting diorama displays of Krishna's life is a popular activity in homes and temples.  Have your kids pick their favorite Krishna story, gather craft supplies and get started on your own diorama.  We created this festive scene of Krishna stealing butter with old boxes, paint, fabric, paper and small craft items - including tissue paper "sarees" for the dolls.   Read More...      

The holy month of Ramadan starts today for the Muslim world.  The dates of Ramadan are largely determined by moon spotting: it starts with the sighting of the crescent of the new moon (hilal) and ends at the sighting at the next hilal.  Get your kids involved by taking them out periodically this month to look at the moon - it's a great activity to teach them about the moon and to share a connection with the Muslim community.  Read more... 
 Vrindavan Activity Set

A rare offering of interactive play!  The Vrindavan Activity Set by Mandala Publishing features a stiff paper model of a temple courtyard along with cut-outs, songs and prayers to get your kids involved.  Read more... 
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Time to Celebrate!
July 3:   Rath Yatra
July 15:  Guru Purnima
July 18:  Shab-e-Barat
Aug. 1:  Start of Ramadan
Aug. 12:  Vara Lakshmi Vratam
Aug. 13:  Raksha Bandan
Aug. 14:  Independence Day
Aug. 15:  Independence Day
Aug. 22:  Sri Krishna
~Aug. 30,31:   Ramadan Ends
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