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                              June 2011    
Beautiful in any Language...
Can you tell we love languages at gnaana
From the outset, we have been committed to supporting as many Indian languages as we could - and not just limit ourselves to 1 or 2 "popular" ones.  We've brought you the world's first  Indian language alphabet blocks as well as modern-style posters and books (and many more products - we hope).
India has many, many regional languages - which may not seem directly relevant in a global world.  But we strongly believe that keeping your language is a fundamental to keeping your culture.  So go ahead, have the kids learn those "global" languages - but have them learn their regional language too.  And have them be proud of it!
No one ever faulted a man for knowing too many languages.
Thanks to all who participated in our East vs. (North) West polling.  After receiving all your emails and Facebook comments, we have decided to introduce 2 languages:  Bengali & Punjabi.  Our Bindi Baby Books will be printed shortly in those languages, and then other products based on sales of these languages.
 Bilingual Clocks

Did you have a secret code when you were little?
You may not have ever seen or learned the numerals in your native language.  But they do exist – and we thought it important to include them in our Bindi Baby Numbers books.  Why?  On principle perhaps – to retain the true form of the Indian scripts.  And with all the new evidence on the benefits of bilingualism (e.g. how the regular use of at least 2 languages sharpens the mind and, as a recent New York Time’s article highlights, may even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s) – the simple task of  learning a new way to write numbers is a terrific brain exercise
And, of course, learning new ways to write numbers is a perfect way for kids to devise their own secret code!   Read More...      
 From Hindi to Urdu

Hindi - Urdu - Hindustani?  If you're interested in linguistics, we have a book for you.  From Hindu to Urdu:  A Social and Political History is a ground-breaking work that explores the origins of Urdu and it's relationship to Hindi.  Read more... 

Did you have a Pen Pal as a child?  What better way to forge new friendships around the world; check out Amazing Kids! Penpals Program - where kids ages 5-17 are paired with a buddy to connect via traditional letter writing.  A perfect summer-time activity!  Read more... 
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