Holi, Holi!    
                              Mar/Apr 2012    
Nothing ushers in Holi (and springtime) like color and crafts.  All last week, we featured Holi crafts on the Blog - fun with paper, glue, glitter and even dhal.  Check out our ideas - and create some of your own.
However you can, involve your kids with Holi.  Check with your local temple or Eknazar listings or stage a casual gathering in your backyard.  The elation, the messiness and the display of color, community and friendship:  there's nothing like it in the world! 
Happy Holi!  
 Holi Letter Displays

H-O-L-I spells fun with color!  We used wooden letters purchased from a craft store and decorated them with paint and splashes of glitter, but you can cut-out your own letters by recycling cardboard shipping or cereal boxes.  Better yet, spell “Holi” in your own language.

Perfect to display on your fireplace mantel, bookcase or tabletop – as a reminder to get in the Holi mood! Just one of the projects we featured as part of our Holi Craft Week.  Read More...

 The Ayodhya Dispute

What do you get when you try to resolve a dispute about Lord Rama's birthplace and a sacred Muslim Babri Mosque?  An 8,000 page court order - issued 60 years after the case first went to court!  Read more... 
 Amma, Tell Me About Holi

Books about Holi are few and far between.  We have something extra special for you this month:  Bhakti Mathur, author of Amma, Tell Me About Holi, is our Guest Blogger today.  She tells us what Holi means to her.  Read her Guest Post... 
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