May Flowers    
                              May 2011    
Phool on the Hill
If India's wealth could be measured in flowers, it would surely be in the G8.  It has perhaps the largest floriculture industry in the world.  Its city streets are teeming with flower vendors and no wedding or celebration would be complete without a few hundred kilos of colorful cheer.
Flowers adorn hair, houses and even floors.  Flowers here, there and everywhere.  So in the Indian tradition, fill your home and garden with nature's most gracious adornments - and challenge your kids to name them all!
 Paper Pankaj

If you've been fortunate to receive a package from us, you know to expect that little orange envelope with a Paper Pankaj attached - our special gift of handmade whimsy that sets us apart from the average shop.  Paper Pankaj is very easy to make (and very fun for the kids)!    Read More...      
 Kashmiri Saffron

Saffron is the world's most expensive spice - and it's grown in many countries.  India's Kashmiri saffron is considered the best in the world.  However, recent droughts that seem to be part of global climate change have caused dramatic decreases in yields! Read more about Kashmiri saffron and how it's produced... 
 Anger Management

Tired of the tantrums?  As we celebrate Buddha's birthday this month, maybe Buddhist techniques will help.  Anh's Anger is a wonderful, clever book about a boy whose anger comes to life in the form of a mischievous creature.  Drawing from the Buddhist perspective that emotions are organic, fluid and mutable, this book has a lesson for us all.  Read more... 
Multi-Cultural Musings
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Aruna recently wrote an article for InCulture Parent Magazine on "Explaining God to Kids" -
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Time to Celebrate!
May 6:  Akshaya Tritiya
May 9:   R.Tagore Jayanti
May 17:  Buddha Purnima
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