Winter Blues    
                              Nov/Dec 2011    
Red, Green & Blue
Red and Green may rule this month, but winter Blue is our theme this month...
The color blue holds a special place in India's folklore and history.  A symbol of the infinite - as with the sky and the oceans - it's the color of palace walls, paintings, Hinduism's gods and of the peacock.
What's your connection with blue?
 Peacock Ornaments

The peacock isn’t just famous for its pretty plumage - it is also India’s National Bird – chosen perhaps for its beauty and its connection to the folklore and history of the country.  Celebrate the gorgeous blue hues of winter with these easy-and-beautiful peacock ornaments.  We have a template and some interesting facts about peacocks to share with your kids! Read More...
 Why is Vishnu Blue?

Do you know?  There are many theories and explanations out there, but read this for a satisfying answer.  Read more... 
 Santa's Hindi!

This Christmas, Santa is ill...a surprise awaits him.  Here's a Christmas story for kids - in Hindi!   Read more... 


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Multi-Cultural Musings
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Time to Celebrate!
Nov 14:  Children's Day
             (Nehru's Birthday) 
Nov. 6-7: Eid al-Adha
Nov. 10:  Guru Nanak Jayanti
Dec. 8:    Bodhi Day
Dec. 16:    Victory Day
Dec. 21-25:    Pancha Ganapati
Dec. 25:  Christmas
Dec. 25:    Muhammad Ali
Jinnah's Birthday (Pakistan)
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