Get up and Garba!    
                              October 2010    
Shubh Navratri!
For most South Asians, we begin (and end) our holiday season before our Western neighbors even start theirs.  If you live outside of India, it may seem difficult to get into celebration mode when everyone around you is in get-back-to-school mode.
But nothing sets the mood better than a little dancing!  Dust off your CDs and learn the steps of the traditional Gujarati garba with your kids this month. Nine nights of dancing sure beats sitting in front of the TV!  
And here's an update on our new products:  our new apron designs and handmade keepsake books  (you'll want to check out the gorgeous photography on these books) are now available for purchase.  The rest will be following shortly!
 Learn to Garba!


Perhaps you know, perhaps you don't - but eager students the world over are flocking to dance schools and camps to learn this spectacular folk dance.  If you are from Gujarat, garba and its companion dandiya raas (performed with sticks) are probably in your blood.  But if not, we found a terrific 25-minute video tutorial that you can use to teach your kids this Navratri. 
View the tutorial and read more about the symbolism behind garba and dandiya raas...      

You've seen it on sarees and salwars, pillows and draperies - zardozi (or zari) work is synonymous with India.  It's a craft with Persian Roots  (zar is Persian for gold and dozi mean embroidery) that was popularized in India under Mughal rule.  But how exactly is it done?  And how are those gold and silver wires created?  It's a fascinating process.   Read more... 
 Child's Eye Media

Want to know how a 5-year-old celebrates Diwali?  You can, through DVDs from Child's Eye Media - a multi-award winning production company from the UK.  Their Festivals Pack  follow 8 children in their cultural celebrations (Diwali, Eid, Vaisakhi, Chinese New Year, Vesak, Easter, Hanukkah and Christmas).  Certainly a major contribution to world religions!  View a clip and purchase here ...  

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"Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance."
 -- Mr. Miyagi,
The Next Karate Kid
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