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                              Sept/Oct 2011    
Holiday Cheer
It is that time of year again...
We had a terrific Navratri Blog Festival with sponsors such as TinyPrints Stationery, 100% Pure Cosmetics, and 7 others - which contributed to a highly energetic 3 weeks on the Gnaana Blog.  It was great publicity for the Navratri holiday - as our Blog Festival drew in many Westerners who were previously unaware of the grand Hindu festival. 
Now we quickly switch gears to Diwali - less than 2 weeks away!  We have some interesting articles and dialogue taking place on our Blog and Facebook Page - and we encourage you to participate.
Shubh Diwali!
 Lakshmi Aarti Showcase

If it’s in sight, it’ll be in the mind.  Music and prayer are a must during Diwali – as are sacred mantras and songs – reflecting the importance we give to these divine words.  A good way to stress the importance of these words is to decorate and display them.  Here, we decorated the Lakshmi Aarti – sung at the end of the Diwali Lakshmi Puja.  Using pretty cardstock, stamps and jewel stickers, this art is worthy of display in your living room or prayer area.  It’s also a good way to encourage members of your family to learn the words.   Read More...      
 Bandi Chhor Diwas

Diwali is not all about Rama, Krishna and Lakshmi.  Skihs celebrate Diwali as Bandi Chhor Diwas - as the day the 6th Guru, Hargobind, was released from captivity by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir and returned to Amritsar.  It is said that the foundation stone for the Golden Temple was laid during the time of Diwali in 1577.  Read more... 
 Diwali Toolkit

We've exchanged links with the Hindu American Foundation about teaching Diwali in Schools.  HAF has declared Monday, October 24, 2011 as National Teach Diwali in School Day and has put together a fantastic Diwali Toolkit.  The Toolkit is also great to use with your kids at home.   Read more... 
For more ideas, and a creative Diwali acronym, see our Blog Post:  Presenting Diwali in Schools 


Multi-Cultural Musings
The latest from our blog:
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Time to Celebrate!
Sept. 1:    Ganesh Chaturthi
Oct. 2:  Gandhi Jayanti
Sep. 28:  Navratri Begins  
Oct. 6:    Dussehra
              (Vijay Dashami)
Oct. 15:  Karva Chauth
The Days of Deepavali

October 24:  Dhanteras
                   (North India)
October 25:  Narak 
                    (Chota Diwali)
October 26:  Diwali Main Day
October 27:  Govardhan Puja
                  (Hindu New Year -               parts of North India)October 28:  Bhai Duj
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